Want to get better at hearthstone, but not sure where to start? Or are you just looking for hearthstone related content, to keep you up to date on the game? Here are 3 places for you to start.

# 1 - Hearthpwn

# 2 - Reddit

The hearthstone Subreddit has a wide variety of content for you to enjoy at your leisure. From user created artwork, videos, and links to other hearthstone content, this subreddit will help you find and stay on top of what's happening. As a bonus the subreddit is flush with player ideas and suggestions, as well as discussions on the state of the game, which are well worth reading.

# 3 - Youtube

This last one seems obvious but just incase you haven't found the right channels to help you out, or simply don't know where to start here are 2 Youtube channels that produce top notch hearthstone content.


Trump has a plethora of useful videos. You can watch him play, and learn as he talks about the decisions he makes, and he alos has several series on teaching strategies.


Kripparian also has an extremely large amount of hearthstone content, and it grows daily. He offers great advice on the value and usage of cards, and is also another educational player to watch and help you grow.

Hopefully with the help of these 3 hearthstone resources you can not only get better at hearthstone, but enjoy it while you do! If you have any hearthstone resource suggestions, or you disagree with my choices, let me know in the comments below!

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