Hey everybody, It’s Nihilus Nix Naught here again, and today (as a part of my continuing obsession with Gadgetzan Auctioneer

) I want to talk a bit about Miracle. Even though the nerf patch was almost a month ago and I’m sure we’re all sick of hearing about its effects, nobody can deny that Miracle, while still an obviously strong deck, has had quite a difficult time establishing exactly what it wants to be doing in high level tournaments.

Now, there are obviously going to be small tweaks between different people’s lists to make their list better against the field, but the versions we see in tournaments (and even the ladder) have fundamentally different game plans from one another. Some are still all-in on a combo, some have resorted to running Malygos

, and most don’t even run a dedicated combo anymore, instead preferring to have big Violet Teacher
turns or pile a few Cold Blood
s on a Shade of Naxxramas
and Conceal
it for a few turns.

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