hearthstone and World of Warcraft developer Blizzard Entertainment kicked off this years' April Fools' day with a flurry of announcements discussing the "future of their company". Let's take a look at some of them shall we?

hearthstone: the MMO

Finally, all of your favorite characters from hearthstone will be in a brand new environment. Similar to Divinity: Original Sin's new VR mode, the release of hearthstone: The MMO promises to bring the drab two-dimensional characters of the acclaimed card game to life in a brand new 3-D environment. Blizzard's hit card game based on their hit MMO will finally become a hit MMO. Will we get a card game of it? We can only pray. Presumably to be released along-side Starcraft: Ghost, this game will be launching beta invites soon.

World of Warcraft: Legion Alpha Patch Notes

Blizzard also took the time today to announce several changes to their upcoming expansion to World of Warcraft. I guess there's an expansion or something coming out for it? Anyways, you can find the patch notes for that here.

Some highlights to take away from these include the new PvP zone Splashran, a Water Park that reminds players of all their favorite moments in zones like Vashj'ir, and promises to bring back all the fun and excitement the prior zone Ashran is so well known for. Also, Rogues have a new talent called, "On Fleek". I know what I'll be coming back for.

Introducing Azeroth TV:

Did you feel like maybe there was a moment of your life when you weren't playing World of Warcraft? Well, have no fear, as Blizzard has found new ways to enter your life, and I don't mean your waking nightmares about never getting that Overwatch beta invite. The world of Azeroth is invading your television set! Blizzard has posted all the series that will be premiering soon here. Personally, I'm excited to see how this season of Cleaved turns out. I've been craving a new reality cooking show since Iron Horde Chef got cancelled due to leadership disputes and other such politics. 


Blizzard released a press article detailing the nature of Azeroth's trusted flightmasters and their admittedly antiquated way of doing things. The new service, Uber Flyt offers a much more convenient and cost-effective way of getting around the world of Azeroth. Call me privileged, but since epic flying I've always chose to make my own way in the world atop my trusty Emerald Proto-Drake. I can understand needing to call for a ride after knocking back a few Darkbrew Lagers however. Remember kids, don't drink and dragon.

Frostdoge Clan:

Such rep, much grind, WoW!

Well that's it for this year's annual Blizzard faux-announcement-extravaganza. Be sure to share in the comments what you're most excited for this year! Remember to check your inboxes for that Overwatch beta invite and have fun. 

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