Blizzcon 2015 is coming!

The 9th annual Blizzard Entertainment's game universe convention, BLIZZCON 2015, is coming to Anaheim, Ca. With it comes lots of hot, nerdy, and not to mention exclusive, memorabilia for us all to drool over.  

The two-day convention lasts from November 6-7 and will feature panels of the greatest artists, developers, designers, and voice actors from Blizzard's games. But that's not all! It's also host to the eSports world championships of WoW, Heroes of the Storm, hearthstone, and Starcraft 2.  

In anticipation for the upcoming con, Blizzard has opened the doors to it's online store of goodies. They were also kind enough to release a video showcasing some of their favorite pieces. 

Blizzcon 2015 Online Merchandise Sale

With everything from tribute art books for World of Warcraft to Heroes of the Storm hoodies, the online store has an almost never ending tide of awesomeness. Seriously! Soundtracks, novels, and posters are only the tip of this Blizzard's iceberg. 

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