Hunter is the best deck.

It‘s not a secret and it’s not surprising. Hunter is the perfect conflux of all of the elements that are powerful right now – deathrattles, secrets, and inevitability.

Deathrattles are powerful because of Undertaker

. Enough has been said on this card already; it’s broken, not fun, and snowbally, but it’s there so you should use it. Hunter uses it the best because it has an extra 1-drop deathrattle in Webspinner and can use the best 2-drop deathrattle, Mad Scientist

Mad Scientist leads right into the next point: secrets. Freezing Trap

 is insane tempo, is often Sap
 that makes the minion cost 2 more, and gives you an extra charge on your 3-damage weapon. Snake Trap
 punishes overeager attacks by releasing more power than there was before. Yes, traps can be played around, but Hunter doesn’t often give you the luxury of time to do so.

Time is an important resource in today’s Hearthstone. Zoo is trying to set up an unbeatable board before you can establish yourself. Priest and Warrior control are trying to stretch the game out until they have time to leverage their superior late-game plans. Hunter sidesteps all of this by just killing the other guy. Steady Shot trades blow-for-blow with Armor Up! and Lesser Heal, and the other cards in your deck can usually deal the last few points of damage.

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