This guide features an insanely fun budget Hunter deck with a 80% win rate against Heroic Maexxna in Curse of Naxxramas: Arachnid Quarter. We go in detail in both the written guide as well as an additional video showing off more tips and game plays of the deck in action!

Game play video with more tips and examples included!

Maexxna’s Ability

Heroic Maexxna’s ability is Web Wrap

. At 0 cost, you basically will have an impossible time putting minions in play for the first few turns. This means you have to take advantage of cards/minions that have the Battlecry effect! Cards such as:

  • Voodoo Doctor
    ‘s Battlecry keeps you alive for the first few turns.
  • Ironbeak Owl
    get rids of the pesky Deathrattle effects from the Spiders.

Maexxna’s Behavior

Understanding certain Maexxna’s certain behavior quirks and habits also help make this fight much easier. For example:

  • If Maexxna doesn’t coin out on her first turn that means, 80% of the time, a Shade of Naxxramas
    is coming down on her second turn (20% Stoneskin Gargoyle
    ). So smack down Explosive Trap
    down preemptively. (But it can back fire, as seen in the video!)
  • If Maexxna coins out a Haunted Creeper
    on her first turn, another is coming on the second turn.
  • If you are high health, say more than 10 life, her play order will be: Use Ability > Play Minions/Cards > Attack. This will give us maximum value for our Explosive Trap
    . If you are low health, she will attack your face before playing anything.

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Why do it on a budget?

Plenty of reasons:

  • It’s a good way to practice your deck building skills – know which cards to put in to counter and deal with certain situations.
  • It’s more accessible for more players. Budget decks should not include any Epic or Legendary quality cards.
  • It’s challenging and fun!