Shaman Control Admirable Decklist

Hearthstone Player had the first Invitational Tournament last weekend, and we decided to take Admirable’s (2nd place) Shaman deck and take it for a spin!

For last week’s tournament, read about it here.


As per most standard Shaman decks, go for board control with cards like Lightning Storm

, Feral Spirit
, and Flametongue Totem
. Get ahead in card advantage with Mana Tide Totem
, Azure Drake
and Nat Pagle
. You will also notice the screenshot of the decklist is organized by the class cards first, then the neutral cards – we hope that by presenting it this way, it’s easier for you guys to build it in game without flipping back and forth of your collection as you go down the list.

Gameplay Videos

  • Episode 1: VS Druid
  • Episode 2: VS Warlock
  • Episode 3: VS Mage
  • Episode 4: VS Paladin
  • Episode 5: VS Hunter


While this deck is excellent in a control heavy meta, it will fare well against a rush heavy meta. As you climb from the lower ranks, you will face a lot of rush decks so this deck wouldn’t be recommended till you get to higher ranks where you face off more control archtype decks.