Mage Control Breezy Decklist

breezytooez used this mage decklist to reach from Rank 7/8 all the way to Legendary. We don’t see much mages since the Pyroblast

nerf, so it’s always cool to see it make a return!

Decklist & General Guide

View the Reddit thread. We’ll also take the decklist for a test drive soon so stay tuned for gameplay videos! Meanwhile, check out his TwitchTV stream to see the deck in action.

Legendary Replacements

Tinkmaster Overspark

or The Black Knight
– Second Polymorph

Nat Pagle
and Bloodmage Thalnos
– Loot Hoarder

Sylvanas Windrunner
/Ragnaros the Firelord
/Cairne Bloodhoof
– Faceless Manipulator

Have questions or need more details?

Discuss and post your comments/questions on the forums and we’ll answer any questions you may have this deck!