Competitive gaming is such a unique beast.  At heart it’s still gaming, and the object is to have fun playing with a style that you find enjoyable. However, finding a winning strategy is also challenging and fun.  How do you make these two sides of competitive gaming work together?  The way I have always done it is to find what you enjoy playing the most, and just hammer away at it until you find something that works.

So who am I and why do you care what I have to say?  I’m not one of the top streamers, I’m not a long time CCG player who’s making his way onto the hearthstone scene, and I’m not a professional gamer.  However, I’m like a lot of you: I have a serious passion for gaming, and I really like to inject my style into whatever I play.  I’ve really enjoyed hearthstone a lot, and I’ve found that certain play styles just don’t do it for me.  I like primarily reactive gameplay with an almost impossible number of options for plays in the mid to late game.

Well, I finally put together a Paladin control list that accomplishes this, and it got me to legendary status last season.  So, if you want to see what an amateur deck brewer has put together to help him get to the upper echelon of the Hearthstone ladder, then read on.