Hey all, DarkArbiter here, and welcome to the second addtion to the Weekly Deck Spotlight series. For information on what will be entailed in this article, view my first WDS here.

If you follow the tournament scene in hearthstone as I have, you’ll know that the Sunshine Open was held over a week ago. It was quite the turnout with thousands competing for the first place.

The finals were quite interesting to watch and came down to two fairly big-named players; Impact, a Canadian player with a fairly decent tournament history, and Brian Kibler, a Magic: The Gathering pro player and game designer. In the end, Impact took away the grand prize, but Brian Kibler is the focus of this weeks Spotlight.

Most of Kibler’s decks for the event were pretty standard. However, there was one of his decks that stood out above the rest for its unique composition; a Druid list called “CAT is 4 FITE“. This deck was a mixed medley of different elements that were quite confusing at first.

However, eventually the synergy of the deck was quite impressive, and this deck helped Kibler fight his way to second, a pretty considerable feat considering the thousands of players that attended the tournament.

Now, let’s dive into the decklist, shall we?