Welcome to another DarkArbiter’s Weekly Deck Spotlight, where I bring you an in-depth analysis of a recently played deck. For more information on what this article entails, check out my first Spotlight article here.

Since the nerf hammer has hit, it hasn’t been easy picking a deck to Spotlight for this week. As a result, I went with a deck that managed to catch my eye over some of the others that have been making headway. This deck was ran by RDU during the season two finals of DeckWars, a very entertaining event and one I encourage people to watch if they can find a video of it.

Considering the gauntlet of opponents that had to be played against during this series, it’s a considerable achievement for RDU to have taken first place during the finals. If nothing before has, this certainly cemented him as one of the top hearthstone players, regardless of what others may think of him. Despite one serious misplay earlier in the tournament, his play style has been solid throughout not just the DeckWars finals, but in almost every tournament he has played in recently.

None of that would matter, however, without the right decks, and RDU certainly brought an impressive arsenal to bear during the finals. His decks varied in strategy, from the ever-hated aggro Hunter to a midrange Shaman list to combo decks like Handlock and Miracle. Surprisingly, RDU elected to not run a Control Warrior list, something I found odd due to how powerful the deck is currently, especially in the tournament scene.

Instead, he produced a Paladin Control list called “TauntaWin”, his take on the popular Tauntadin decks that you frequently see on ladder. This deck is the subject of our Spotlight today, as I found the composition interesting. I haven’t paid enough attention to Control Paladin since Naxxramas, even though I was a staunch advocater of the deck and played it even over Control Warrior for a time.

But enough talking. Let’s delve straight into talking about the deck. This is Tauntadin.