Xixo has done it again. For at least the 2nd time, he has made it to No. 1 legend before anybody else in the season. In season 9 he creamed it with his Sea Giant/Imp-losion Zoo Deck, and now he’s back with this uber-toxic Face Hunter. Designed to punish the ladder harder than a tortoise shell encased in granite, Face Hunter is a force to be reckoned with in season 11.

General Strategy

Like Zoolock decks of old, Face Hunter has the reputation of being relatively skill-less to play. This is in fact not the case at all. While the basic strategy of this deck is, of course, to hit face with everything. Situations arise where it is best to make judicious trades or even do nothing besides hero power and pass.

The deck includes many Charge minions which are best served up as finishers (yes, even Wolfrider

); but they can also be used for trading in a pinch, or to hit face pre-lethal if you have no other good play.

Using up your full curve is not always the right option. The correct option is usually the one which will dish out the most damage this turn while giving you a good play next turn (excluding Charge minions from the equation).

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