I always played Control decks, they are fun, they make me use my brain and they involve a lot more skill than the usual cheap Aggro and Rush decks, nevertheless, I figured it was time to give Aggro a few of my Legend titles.

This season, I got my 10th legend title!

What a road! From druids to shamans, back to Shaman into warriors, priests, druids again, miracle at some point, priests and then Zoo and finally Hunter, I played every different strategy in this game and even tho Hunter’s strategy wasn’t the most fun, it was one of the most effective strategies I have ever played: Outside from the post-naxx Charge druid(which I got to legend with over 80% winrate), I never got such an easy legend as I did with hunter. After some time playing it, I realized how strong the deck was: with a 78% winrate (41W 9L) the deck simply destroyed, and getting to legend was a breeze this season.

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