Hello again! It is I, Fireflyer, and I’m back with another “Best of Reddit Clips”! For those of you who didn’t catch Volume 1, this is a bi-weekly article where I cover clips that were posted on Reddit over the past 2 weeks. Some of them are funny, some of them are surprising, some of them are sad. However, all of them provide a lesson to learn and I’ll go over each clip to explain why I picked it out and wanted to highlight it.

I release these articles on the 14th and 29th/30th of every month so if you don’t keep up with the random clips on Reddit, come by and check out my article! I’ll have all of them right here organized for you with a little bit of commentary for each. Alright enough talking, let’s check out some videos!

Oh but first, I want to give a thanks to Hearthstone Clips a Youtube channel that automatically takes the Twitch clips on Reddit and puts them into Youtube form. This allows me to embed the videos into my articles so thanks very much.

Best of Reddit Clips Vol. 2

Deathlord, noooo

Credit: https://www.twitch.tv/nl_kripp

First up is our favorite Arena warrior, Kripparian. Here we see the dangers of running Deathlord

in your deck. It’s no longer in standard so this is only an issue in Arena but you can see how sometimes running him could be bad. I know it’s weird but this video is to NOT discourage you from using Deathlord
. It’s actually a very solid card and MOST of the time, your opponent will just get something small and useless. Sadly, in this situation, his opponent got exactly what he needed.

Dirty Rat tricks

Credit: https://www.twitch.tv/zetalot

In this clip, Zetalot makes a pretty bold call by using Dirty Rat

to pull a random minion from his opponent’s hand, predicting that since they’re a Reno Warlock they’re probably running Leeroy Jenkins
and uses Faceless Manipulator
on it to copy and attack for lethal. These are the kinds of plays you can make once you’ve become a bit of an expert on the game and can make predictions about what your opponent is running, as well as what might be left in their hand. Great call!

Discover a misclick

Credit: https://www.twitch.tv/bmkibler

Here we see handsome hearthstone streamer Brian Kibler making a mistake that all of us have made at one point or another. In the haste of playing his card, he accidentally misclicks and ends up picking a very poor card from his selection. This is one of those moments where I don’t understand why people don’t play slower and more carefully to ensure they don’t make mistakes like this. It doesn’t happen often but it does happen and sometimes it can cost you a game, so make sure if you’re about to do something like Discover, position your mouse carefully just in case you accidentally click, if it’s over on the far side of the board you can’t do any harm.

Flamestrike of Yogg-Saron

Credit: https://www.twitch.tv/nl_kripp

Now this is just a pure luck video, there isn’t much to explain or learn from this except that Servant of Yogg-Saron

can sometimes be your best friend. In this situation, it ends up casting Shadowflame
on itself and wiping the opponent’s board, basically a stronger Flamestrike
at this point! Some people don’t like running random effects like this in Arena but I’ve found Servant of Yogg-Saron
to be quite good.

Deathwing is completely owning

Credit: https://www.twitch.tv/lifecoach1981

Here is the magnificient duo Lifecoach and SuperJJ at it again. Today we see why Deathwing

is a great finisher for most decks. It’s the reason I’m currently running him in a Reno N’Zoth Hunter deck because when your opponent is out of cards, it is a game ender. In the clip, we see that Lifecoach is confident that they have the game but all it takes is one Deathwing
to make him concede. Very powerful card for a control deck!

Concede too early

Credit: https://www.twitch.tv/lifecoach1981

Another clip from Lifecoach and SuperJJ where Lifecoach ends up conceding WAY too early! His opponent casts Anyfin Can Happen

while Lifecoach is at 8 life. Usually this would bring back Bluegill Warrior
and Murloc Warleader
to end the game but in this situation, it ends up not bringing back any Murloc Warleader
s which leaves Lifecoach alive for a turn. But without even waiting, he concedes out of frustration and realizes too late that he had another turn to survive. With Eloise at 7 and some damage in his hand, he could have easily topdecked a Lava Burst
or Jade Lightning
for the win. This is one of those clips that shows you conceding only a few seconds from death is pointless. Why not wait the 5 extra seconds for the animation to finish and for Eloise to swing? Do not make conceding at the last second a priority for you, let the games finish so you know for sure that you could not have done anything.

Make him big!

Credit: https://www.twitch.tv/lifecoach1981

Lifecoach and SuperJJ released a ton of great highlights in the same week and here’s another funny one. Here we see they’re predicting a huge Questing Adventurer

with their tech card Earth Shock
in their hand. They make a bunch of funny noises, thinking they know what’s going on and basically try to make fun of their opponent. What they fail to realize is that their opponent also has Edwin VanCleef
so their single Earth Shock
is now not enough to handle the giant field in front of them. Lesson to learn: Don’t get ahead of yourself. Making predictions is okay but don’t get cocky and start dancing and making goofy noises because you’ll do the same thing they did when they see a 10/10 drop onto the field after, get real quiet.

Too many cards in hand

Credit: https://www.twitch.tv/nl_kripp

Here’s Kripparian again this time playing some Constructed with a Warlock deck. So what happens is he has 9 cards in hand and wonders if he should Life Tap or not. If he does Hero Power it means that he goes up to 10 cards and if he doesn’t play something, he will end up burning a card next turn when he draws. He taps anyways, gets a Dark Peddler

and decides to cast it, which keeps his hand at 10 cards. He knows he has to play the card no matter what it is, in order to go under 10, and picks Mortal Coil
without thinking. To avoid overdrawing, he casts his Mortal Coil
on his own minion, essentially wasting the card. His other options weren’t much better but it would have been better than dealing one damage to your own minion. ��

Sac Pact tech card

Credit: https://www.twitch.tv/thijshs

In this video, Thijs plays Lord Jaraxxus

like pretty much every other Warlock deck in the current meta. What he doesn’t realize is that his opponent has been starting to run Sacrificial Pact
because of the current Reno Warlock meta. By just having this card in his deck and playing against a Warlock, he gets a free game. This video is also helpful to those people who haven’t found out yet that Sacrificial Pact
works on Lord Jaraxxus
. If you play a Reno Warlock deck and have been facing a lot of Warlocks, you might want to tech this card in yourself. To be honest, I think it works great because if anything you could always sacrifice one of your own demons to gain life and survive for more turns, like one of the 1/1s off of Imp Gang Boss

18/18 and 8/4!

Credit: https://www.twitch.tv/lifecoach1981

Here’s another clip of Lifecoach getting ahead of himself again. He works himself up and gets excited over the 18/18 Edwin VanCleef

and 8/4 Gadgetzan Auctioneer
he just played but what he doesn’t realize is that his opponent already has an answer for him. A Kazakus
potion created earlier in the game allows him to deal 5 damage to the Auctioneer and then Polymorph
the Edwin VanCleef
with the secondary effect. Doesn’t have much to say after that…

Look for the glow

Credit: https://www.twitch.tv/trumpsc

Oh boy, here’s another clip where a streamer isn’t looking for the golden yellow glow around a card to tell you that it’s active. If you look at Trump‘s decklist on the right, you can see that he has 2 Kazakus

in his deck, probably from a Brann Bronzebeard
+ Manic Soulcaster
combo which I always thought was a funny play for a Reno Jackson
deck. This disables him from having any Reno effects and even though he says he knew he couldn’t do it, he forgets and ends up casting Inkmaster Solia
anyways and then screws his turn by not being able to cast a spell for free. Lesson to learn: WATCH FOR THE GOLDEN GLOW. If you play any Reno decks or Dragon decks, LOOK FOR THE YELLOW GLOW. People NEED to start doing this because there are way too many videos where this happens. PAY ATTENTION.

Oh baby, the priest dream

Credit: https://www.twitch.tv/amazhs

Here’s a clip from the lovable Amaz who ends up getting the priest dream. The dream is: Raza the Chained

+ Coldarra Drake
. The difficult part about this is that you pretty much can only get the Coldarra Drake
off of Kabal Courier
. If you’re able to though, this combo basically lets you hero power an infinite number of times, well, as many times as you can before the rope stops you. With things like Shadowform
or Sir Finley Mrrgglton
you can deal direct damage with your hero power but in Amaz‘s case, he goes for the buffed up heal from Justicar Trueheart
and uses Auchenai Soulpriest
to allow it to deal damage, nuking his opponent for 4 damage at a 0 mana cost, over and over. It cuts short but I’m sure you know what happens.

Too slow

Credit: https://www.twitch.tv/trumpsc

Here is a great laugh from Trump when his opponent takes too long on his turn and ends up not being able to do everything he wanted right at the end. I’m not sure why his opponent took so long to do all the math but this is one of those moments that goes to show you, spending too much time can hurt you in the long run. For whatever reason he took so long, the end of his turn got a little jacked up and instead of being able to finish off Trump‘s Doomsayer

, he ends up leaving it at 1 health, getting his board wiped, and losing the game because of it. Taking your time is a good thing to do on hearthstone but taking too long can end you up in situations like this.

Hidden lethal

Credit: https://www.twitch.tv/zetalot

This is just a funny video where Zetalot gets a free lethal from his opponent using Medivh, the Guardian

. He casts a 3 mana Polymorph
and gets Imp Master
off of Atiesh, then plays a 3 mana secret and gets Unlicensed Apothecary
which deals 5 damage to him when the imp is supposed at the end of the turn. This has been happening a lot recently with players where they are getting Unlicensed Apothecary
out of random effects and it ends up dealing tons of damage to them from minions being summoned. Fun and easy win for Zetalot.

Never give up

Credit: https://www.twitch.tv/forsenlol

This is a situation that just proves to you, never give up. Forsen has no cards left in his deck and only a few minions in play with his opponent at 20 life. He figures that his only way to come back is if his Undercity Huckster

can snag him a Pyroblast
to deal tons of damage in one turn. Lucky for him, that’s exactly what happens, and he gets exact lethal to finish off his opponent. NEVER GIVE UP, NEVER CONCEDE!

Djinni tricks

Credit: https://www.twitch.tv/disguisedtoasths

This is a great highlight clip to show you how this new Djinni of Zephyrs

deck works. Djinni of Zephyrs
has a lot of interesting effects, one of which includes Potion of Madness
. When you use Potion of Madness
on your opponent’s minion, it becomes yours and then triggers the extra Potion of Madness
on to your Djinni which gives him Charge. Then after using Divine Spirit
to pump a minion and his Djinni, he drops Confuse
and makes them all gigantic for a big swing. This deck is really interesting and if you are eager to try it out I’m sure there’s a decklist on here somewhere, and if not, mention it in the comments below and I’ll do an article on this deck next!

Babyrage time

Credit: https://www.twitch.tv/sjow

Oh man, here is a funny clip where Sjow is setting up lethal on his opponent by using Leeroy Jenkins

+ Power Overwhelming
which will drop his opponent to 7, leaving him in kill range of 2 Soulfire
. The scary part is that Soulfire
will make him discard so if it discards the other, he doesn’t have lethal. He thinks to Life Tap/Hero Power here in order to increase his odds of discarding the wrong card but he realizes that if he does that, he has to use The Coin
to play both Soulfire
s so it’s not worth tapping since it doesn’t actually change the odds of you discarding the wrong card. If he coins first and then taps, he’s back in the same odds as originally, so he decides to go for it and sure enough, he discards the 2nd Soulfire
. Sorry Sjow.

Wait what happened?

Credit: https://www.twitch.tv/day9tv

We all love Day9 but today, he earns Fireflyer’s dumbest play of Volume 2! He mentions that he “sees a play” and wants to “do the play” but goes in the TOTALLY wrong order. Instead of using his hero power first so that Auchenai Soulpriest

will make it deal damage to the Emperor Thaurissan
, he accidentally attacks first and then heals, which is even funnier because not only does he mess up the play he actually ends up healing it of most of the damage it took afterwards. My favorite part is seeing his face, total shame and disgust in himself, and admitting that he took so long to realize what happened. WE LOVE YOU DAY9!


Well that’s all I have for this edition of Fireflyer’s “Best of Reddit Clips” Vol. 2! I hope you enjoyed the videos and make sure you come back every 2 weeks for a whole new collection of funny misplays and pro plays.

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Thanks for reading and I’ll see you next time!