There’s a well known ‘secret’ of getting bonus card packs when you purchase hearthstone card packs through the Amazon Store. This promotion has been going for a while now and today, for today only, if you sign up for Amazon Prime, you can get an additional 25% coins!

It’s important to note that you can cancel Amazon Prime (1 month trial) as soon as you complete your purchase so you won’t get charged for Amazon Prime subscription fee.

The Current/Original Deal

Link to the hearthstone Amazon Page

  • Amazon Coins have a value ratio of 100 coins = $1.
  • When you buy Amazon Coins, you get up to 10% off.  The 5,000 and 10,000 coin package gets you to the 10% level.
  • For each $19.99 or more purchase you do on the hearthstone Store (downloaded to your Android Phone via the Amazon App), you will get 10% coins back.
  • Now you can reuse the coins you got back for more card packs!
  • Note: The amount of coins you get back can be different depending on the promos Amazon is running. Sometimes you can get 30% back for a total saving of 40%!

So the above promo link page is what’s on at the moment. The deals can change through the year, which has happened before, so be sure to bookmark it.

Now we’ll talk about the today only special – the Amazon Prime promotion.

Amazon Prime Promotion

The official press release can be found here. The part that is relevant for us is:

  • Get 25% bonus Amazon Coins when you buy 5,000 or 10,000 Amazon Coins

So, for example, you buy 10,000 Amazon coins – a $100 value. You apply the 10% discount (explained above), it’ll cost $90. With the Amazon Prime promotion, you’ll get 12,500 Amazon Coins. So to summarize:

  • You are paying $90 for 12,500 Amazon Coins that has an original value of $125, netting you a saving of $35. Don’t forget we’ll also get 10% of the purchases we make, so if we spend all 12,500 Coins, we’ll get 1,250 back, which is worth $12.50. (And this can be used again to get another 10% back).

Thus the example above would actually get you Coins worth $137.50+ for $90, saving $47.50. That’s almost like getting a free 40 pack bundle!


Where is deal available in?

The hearthstone Amazon deal is always available here. You can also bypass any region restrictions follow this guide on Reddit.

Do I have to pay for Amazon Prime?

No. You get a one month trial. Just sign up, buy your coins, and cancel your Amazon Prime.

Which device is still promotion available on?

It’s available for Android devices. You can use an emulator (video) to do it on a PC. Currently no known work around for iOS/Mac/iPad.

I already have a full collection. Is this promotion useful for me?

Yes! Buy up the coins, especially with the Amazon Prime deal and save it up for future expansions, adventures and card packs! It’s too awesome of a deal to pass up!

How do I use the Amazon Coins on the hearthstone Client/Store?

You must install hearthstone from the Amazon Appstore for Android (or use an emulator if you’re on a PC). Once you have the hearthstone installed, you can go in and purchase items using Amazon Coins.

I missed the July 15 Prime Day deal! Am I out of luck?

Nope! The original Amazon Coin deal has been going on for a while now. So even if you missed out the Prime deal, you can still save money on hearthstone packs when you buy it via Amazon Coins.


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Have questions or tips? Leave them in the comments below! Happy Savings!

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