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Amazon Coins are the currency that you can use to buy things in the Amazon Appstore and everything downloaded from the Appstore (games etc.), including Hearthstone. The Coins are good way to buy the packs much cheaper – if you buy bigger amount of Coins you get a standard 10% discount and big purchases refund you 10% of the Coins you’ve spent. That’s just the standard deal you have going around all the time, Amazon is giving a lot of promotions from time to time, increasing either the discount on the Coins or the % amount of Coins you get back. Right now, Amazon holds a promotion – 5k Coins and above (100 Coins = 1$, meaning that 5k = 50$) are discounted by 20%.

This is great way to get the Pre-Purchase The Grand Tournament pack bundle! The bundle itself costs 50$, but with the Coins, even without ANY promotion you can get it for 45$ AND get 500 Coins (5$ worth of Coins) back, meaning the “final price” becomes 40$. If you buy the Coins now (20% instead of 10%) and by any chance the Coin cashback is gonna be increased before the release of The Grand Tournament, you’re going to save even more.

As you can see, Amazon Coins are the best way to buy the packs – sadly, the deal is only available to residents of United States, United Kingdom and Germany. But there is a way for everyone to buy and use the Amazon Coins. Be careful! This way may not be 100% legal! You’re gonna pretend you’re resident of different country than you really are. To be perfectly honest, I know a lot of people using this way and I’ve tried it too. I doubt anything is gonna happen to your Amazon account and I’m fairly certain your account is more than safe, I just had to warn you. If you’re still interested, read further.

Here are the screenshots proving that it works for me: In-game Shop, Proof of buying something with Coins. But I can’t guarantee that this method is gonna work for you! 

Step 1: Create and set-up Amazon account

The first step is rather simple. First you need to get into the website and create your account. Nothing complicated here, create your account and log in. If you already have the account, it’s also fine – just log into it.

Once you’re logged, go to “Your Account” menu. There, click on the “Manage Your Content and Devices” link in the “Digital Content” category. If you can’t find it, press CTRL + F to pop the Search Engine in your browser and insert the phrase you’re looking for there.

Once you are there, you should see three categories: “Your Content”, “Your Devices” and “Settings“. Click on the Settings and look for the “Country Settings“. Your country should be listed there. Click on the “Change” button and add a new address. So, here is the “not-so-legal” part. You need to make up your address and pick United States as your country. The address doesn’t even have to be real, just write anything you want. When it comes to the State, I’m not sure whether it matters, but I’ve read somewhere that you should pick Oregon or California. I’m not 100% convinced that it matters, but to be safe I’ve took Oregon and it works.

When you have your new address, click on the “Update” button. Congratulations, you should be seen as the resident of the US on the mobile devices right now.

Now you need to attatch the Credit/Debit Card to your account. Sadly, you can’t pay with PayPal or any other method. To attach the Card, once again go to “Your Account“. Find “Add a Credit or Debit Card” in the “Amazon Wallet” category and click on it. Now you need to insert the card number, the name of card’s owner (probably yours, unless you steal your parents’ Card) and expiration date. Once it’s done, click on the “Next” button and select the address you want to attach the card to. Obviously, select the US address you’ve made up earlier.

If you don’t own the Credit or Debit Card, you’ll need to do the whole thing hard way. And by hard way I mean you’ll need find someone who’s gonna sell you Amazon Gift Card and then you’ll need to use the VPN etc. – if you want to see the full instruction, check it out here. If you don’t own the Card, the easiest way would be to borrow it from someone who trusts you – family, friends etc. Use it for buying the Coins, then detatch it from your account and pay them the money used on Coins in real life.

Be careful, though, and not buy the Amazon Coins in the normal store on your PC! You’re gonna need to buy them on the mobile (or emulator).

Step 2: Download the Amazon Appstore on your Android device or the Android emulator

So, if you have the Android device you can Install hearthstone on, this step is gonna be much easier. But let’s assume you don’t have one for now.

First, you need to download the emulator. The two choices I’ve seen are either Genymotion or DuOS. I can’t really talk much about DuOS because it doesn’t work on my PC for some reason. But if you manage to install it, it should have the Amazon Appstore installed by default. I’ve done everything using Genymotion, because my Android phone really sucks and I already had the emulator set up. The Genymotion was commonly used in hearthstone Samsung Galaxy promotion to get the new card back and 3 packs. If you don’t know how to set up the Genymotion emulator and download the Amazon Appstore – check it out here. Steps 1 to 8 are what interests you – up to downloading and installing Amazon Appstore.

If you have the real Android device, just download and install the Amazon Appstore by simply googling it – the first or second link that shows up should lead you to the download page.

Sign in to the Appstore with your account. If you were already signed in, log out and sign in again so the region change kicks in!

Step 3: Buy Amazon Coins

This one is actually pretty simple. On the top of the screen you’re gonna see “0 Coins”. Clicking on it is gonna take you to the page where you can buy Amazon Coins. Select the amount you want to buy – the 20% promotion that is going on right now applies to 5k and 10k Coin packs. If you want to buy more, you can buy them multiple times, obviously. Once you select the amount you want to buy, click on the “Buy” button and then confirm your choice. You’re gonna have to insert your password again and probably confirm few more things, like your Credit/Debit Card etc. Once everything’s done – you finish the transaction and receive your Coins!

My bank had limits on single Mobile & Internet transaction and I had to log into my bank account and increase those limits. So if the payment doesn’t get through or you don’t get your Coins, you can check it out. Another solution is to wait some time – my first successful transaction had some delay and I got coins after about an hour. My second transaction (I’ve bought the 10k + 5k Coins) went through smoothly.

Right now, you should be the proud owner of Amazon Coins. So, what to do now?

Step 4: Install hearthstone and SPEND COINS!

You can actually do that before you buy the Coins, but it doesn’t really matter. You need to install hearthstone in the Amazon Appstore. The hearthstone NEEDS to be from US Amazon Appstore, so if you let’s say already have it installed on your Android device, you might have to delete and reinstall it.

Once the hearthstone is successfully installed – launch it. At the top of the logging screen change your region to whatever you play on. It’s pretty easy to tell that you log into the wrong region, especially if you haven’t played there yet, but if you have are playing on couple of them, you might miss it and you don’t want to buy Packs on the wrong region.

Once you launch hearthstone and log in, go into the Shop. When you select any item and click “Buy” (you can safely do that, it won’t instantly buy anything)  you’ll have the option to pay with money or with Amazon Coins. Congratulations! You can now use the Amazon Coins for in-game purchases.

Right now, you get 10% of the Coins back for the purchases. There is no confirmation whether Amazon will launch the promotion and give more Coin cashback before The Grand Tournament release, but you don’t have to hurry. The Coins won’t disappear from your Account and the TGT pre-purchase runs until the expansion’s release, so I’m pretty sure you still have quite some time to buy it. With the current deal, you can buy the 50$ pre-purchase bundle for 40$ plus get 5$ worth of Amazon Coins back. If by any chance Amazon launches the promotion and increases the Coin cashback to 30%, you’re gonna get 15$ worth of Amazon Coins back, upping the final value even more.


I hope you’ve found the guide helpful. If you have any problems, leave the comments and I’ll try to answer them. I’m not a guru though and I’m just giving you a way I’ve found and tested – I don’t guarantee it will work for you too. But you don’t have to worry about losing money – if something goes wrong and let’s say you won’t get the Coins while the money will disappear – Amazon will surely refund everything.

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