Hello guys, Giordy here! Welcome to another article of GvG Experimental Decks series! In this series I am going to present, along with other reviewers such as Spark, a number of decks that we have been testing on the ladder now that the new expansion Goblins versus Gnomes is finally released. These are going to be decks that are tested by us and which we find fairly consistent and fun to play.

The purpose of this series is to show you our builds, so that you can test them, too, and give us feedback on their strengths and weaknesses. It is noteworthy to say that these decks reflect our personal play style and may not respect everyone’s tastes. Nonetheless, I hope you enjoy our builds  and that they can give you good ideas when it comes to building your own deck to play on the ladder!

In my previous article I discussed my Control Shaman build, describing its strengths, its weaknesses and its viability on the ladder. Thrall served me well during my climb from rank 4 to 2, but I wanted to try something else to help me push forward on ladder; so I began to watch other people play.

I have always been a big fan of Spark and his hunter builds: he is one of the best players on EU (I have seen him get to legend #10 rank this season) and his decks are always original in more than one aspect. I observed how he played his Midrange Hunter and I really liked his build, but I felt like I needed to create a hunter list that would fit my play style better. So I tried to create a deck list that would still fit into the midrange category, but which would differ from Spark’s in some aspects.

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