Welcome once again my hearthstone peeps to my little corner of hearthstone Players. It has been a couple of weeks since I wrote my last article. The holidays took my time away for a little bit but I am back and in full effect. I have some things coming up but I wanted to throw out something cool for everyone to check out first to start out the New Year.

I am the type of writer that wants to help all players get better but not just in the aspect of the cards they play. You can go anywhere on this site and find great articles about decks to play and deck strategy. What I like to cover is tips and topics that can help the mental aspect and overall gameplay of the game. For instance, one of my older articles I spoke about tips on how to avoid tilt when playing Hearthstone. That is important because keeping your feelings in check can make you a better player along with having a great deck to play with.  So with that being said, I want to write something I think can help all hearthstone players as a whole and that thing is podcasts.

Hearthstone podcasts, especially the ones I am including in this article, are great because they speak about how to work on a budget, strategy within the Meta, and just overall deck tips. The thing about a podcast versus an article is that you are hearing people speak about their experiences and that can go a long way, especially if you are more of an audible person. Also, it is the kind of thing that you can listen to in your car or while you are playing the game itself (something to do to help keep the Tilt away).

So the question is, which podcasts should you check out? Well, I have made a list of some of my favorite podcasts that have helped me in my quests for hearthstone greatness. Also, if you have some favorites that I don’t list in this article, please, feel free to add them in the comments below because I am always up for another great hearthstone podcast.

So enough of the explanation, let’s get right into the list and reasons why you should check out these podcasts.

The Angry Chicken

This podcast is probably the most popular one out there. I love this podcast and it is not only informative but VERY entertaining. It is also the first hearthstone podcast that I listened to. It is hosted by Garrett Weinzierl, William “Dills” Gregory, and Jocelyn Moffett. These three have a great chemistry together which, in my opinion, makes a podcast great. If the people on it don’t seem to click with each other, it can make the podcast very weird to listen to.

Each podcast covers the latest hearthstone news with their own spin and opinions on it. They also talk about card and deck strategy. The thing that is great about these three is the fact that they are playing in different spots on the ladder. So you are hearing strategy and stories from not only a player at say a Legend rank but also a person that may be playing near rank 15 or so. It is very helpful to hear that because it makes it more relatable to all of us because some of us may not be say at rank 4 and that is a whole different world on the ladder than say rank 16.

This is also one of those podcasts that you can not only listen to but watch. They have VOD’s of their podcasts on YouTube and that is great to watch because it lets you put a face to the voice. They also cover questions from emails they get from fans of the podcast.

IF you are interested you can check them out in various different places online but the best place to go is at which gives you links to every place they are online.

Velen’s Chosen

Velen’s Chosen has become one of my favorite podcasts online. The reason is it offers something that I think makes it stand out above all other podcasts. That thing is helping budget players be competitive. This is a great thing because sometimes players are just starting out and may not have all the cards or they may be just a Free to Play player. If you are in this realm of this type of player, and we were all one of those players, then this is a podcast for you.

It is hosted by Rob, Andrew, and Eve. I have had the pleasure of casting some hearthstone with Rob and let me say that he is one of the coolest guys in the hearthstone community. They are very entertaining but stay focused on keeping everything within the budget mindset. Most of the decks and cards they suggest can easily be made by someone that doesn’t have the biggest collection in the world. Their tone and personality really carries the podcast because they keep things from being dull, even when they may just be speaking about another deck.

Also, the decks they speak about isn’t just something they throw together just to have something to talk about. These are decks they have played with and have experience with. The decks and cards they talk about will help a player climb the ladder a little easier. That way a player doesn’t have to be cannon fodder on the ladder for a player with a better collection of cards.

The sometimes have special guests on the show. For instance, a recent episode had the one and only Noxious on it. If you don’t know who Noxious is than his Twitter is a great place to start. He is one of the most well-known personalities in the hearthstone community. Whether there is a guest or not, this podcast has become my go to place when I am looking for a great deck to use as a foundation and hear tips and tricks on playing it.

IF you want to find this podcast, the best place to start is at This will give you links to find them all over the internet.

Well Met!

Well Met! Is a podcast into the world by the guys at Blizzpro. It is hosted by John, J.R., and Kevin. This podcast is great because it is aimed at the players that want to take their game to the next level. They discuss deck strategy and analysis but with a focus more on the tournament and competitive side of things. They also take time to discuss some of the hearthstone news that might be going on.

This podcast usually takes a certain deck, let’s say Paladin, and breaks it down and gives tips and tricks on how to play with it inside of the competitive side of Hearthstone. With this being said, this podcast is aimed more at players that have been in the game a bit and most of the decks they speak about isn’t budget style decks. It is great hearing people speak about tips with certain decks because you can actually hear them talking about their experience with a deck and how far they have gotten with it. Sometimes, they also talk about decks they don’t want to play, say Pally Murloc.

If you are a player that is thinking about jumping into the tournament side of hearthstone or are wanting to make a serious run at Legend than take a minute and go to their website to find all the places you can get the podcast. The website is at


This podcast was made around the idea of a player wanting to get to Legend and having a friend that has already made it and convincing them to coach them. They just happen to record these moments for a podcast. This podcast is hosted by player Dan, who is wanting to make Legend, and FRID, who is the Legend ranked player. Each episode is Dan trying out a new deck that Frid gives him and him playing it during the podcast. Frid coaches him through various games and helps him make decisions on what and what not to play.

The thing about this podcast is it isn’t the most exciting in the world but that isn’t a knock on it. IT is very much hearing a player get coached while he is playing the game. The reason this is cool is because it allows you as a player to take the same deck on the ladder but already have a leg up because you have heard someone get coached first hand playing this deck. Sometimes, they also have players on the show that have gotten to Legend because of the tips from the podcast and allow them to help pilot Dan playing the deck with Frid.

This podcast is great because many players haven’t made Legend yet and want to get there but aren’t sure on if they are making mistakes playing certain decks. This gives that player a first-hand listen to someone being coached playing a certain deck. This will help cut down on mistakes and can also save a little money because they may be able to just take what they learn from the podcast and become a Legend player instead of having to hire a hearthstone coach.

If you want to check out the podcast, all you have to do is go to and listen there or follow the links on how to subscribe and down load the podcast. Also, if you listen and make it to Legend, make sure you let them know so you can be put into their Hall of Legends.


All of these podcasts are ones that I listen to on a regular basis. They have all helped me become a better player and in the end that is what we all want to become. These podcasts allow you to sit and chill with some great players and hear them speak about the game we love and how they approach it when they are playing it and the decks they use too.

Also, these podcasts are great because you can listen to most of them directly from your web browser without a download. So if you just want to have it playing while you are playing the game or goofing around online you can. Many times I have had one of these playing in the background while I am grinding it out on the ladder. It just, for some reason, helps my brain stay centered on the game while I am playing it.

I know I have missed many great podcasts out there in the world and maybe one day I will due a follow up of more podcasts. Until that time, please leave comments below of some of the podcasts you listen to that are not listed here and I will totally go check it out. I hope, in the end, these podcasts make you a better player overall.

Make sure to follow me on Twitter and stay tuned because next week I will start streaming full time on Twitch. So go there and follow me now so you can come hang out when I am on. I promise I will be loaded with bad jokes and silliness.

Until next time my friends, stay cool and…

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