Video Description

Here is a budget deck that I was able to get a 4 plus win streak against Heroic Faerlina in Arachnid Quarter. Kel’Thuzad better come up with more cheats than 45 health pool to scare me away.

Some quick tips:

1. She is a combo warrior/warlock. The longer you can keep her frozen and her minions, the better. Beware of late game Hellfire


2. Try to keep 3 or less cards in your hand, gain board control gradually with Shieldbearer

, and Water Elemental
, She will lose gas and run out of cards. She likes to cast Battle Rage
. (See next tip.)

3. Don’t tick away at her minions without killing or freezing, she double Rampages them for +3+3 Counterspell

early for this.

4. Water Elemental always to the face to avoid the attack bonus from


5. Once you understand the strategy with her, she is easy to beat. She has the same pattern every battle.

6. Use her hero power to your advantage by putting up your berzerkers, and deathrattle minions, and always attack for the face. Don’t let your control mind take over, as I almost did in the video

Always have minions attack for the face. Use spells like Fireball
to take out minions like Necroknight
. Silence Dark Cultist
and Nerubian Egg
if they are in the Knight’s wake.

If your mulligan is awful, example all Flamestrike

and a Sunwalker
, just start over.

If you like or hate this format please let me know.

Hope you enjoy the video, if you have any questions or comments leave them below. Follow me @zapzaphs on Twitter.