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Hey guys, like many of you, I started playing the second Wing of Naxxramas the moment it came out. After completing the normal bosses and class challenges, I made my way into the most challenging part of the wing, Heroic mode. For the first Boss, Noth, I used a typical Freeze Mage deck that utilized Alexstrasza

to burn him down from 15 health. For the second boss, I used a fairly cheesy Sacrificial Pact
Warlock Zoo deck. Neither of these bosses required me more than two tries to beat, and confidently, I waltzed into the final round, against Heroic Loatheb, thinking it would be the same.

On my first try, I used the Freeze Mage deck that I used to beat Noth. What I found was that it was way too slow! Heroic Loatheb starts off the game with a Spore

and a Fen Creeper
, and with his Hero Power that does 3 damage to your hero each turn, I quickly died before I even got to turn 9.

A Moment of Inspiration

What I realized, is that I needed a deck that was extremely fast, and could quickly and easily dispatch the Fen Creeper

by popping the Spore
on turn 1. In fact, I needed multiple ways to pop Spore
s without having to utilize my Mage’s Hero Power (which was too slow). So, slowly I populated a deck full of cheap but efficient low cost minions that either:

  • Spawned more minions upon death.
  • Spawned more than one minion upon battlecry.
  • Was cheap to cast and could live after a Sporeburst
  • Had charge and could be used the same turn a Spore
    was popped.

In addition, I needed spells that could help me pop spores behind taunts, and also a few minions that had two health, to avoid death to Sporeburst

and Unstable Ghoul
‘s deathrattle.

The Deck

The deck itself is extremely inexpensive, and will only cost 320 dust total (assuming you’ve unlocked and played through the first two wings and have the unlocked Naxxramas cards up to this point). These are only Basic and Common cards, so you probably already have them.


2x Argent Squire

  • An extremely sticky card that will stick around after Sporeburst
    . When buffed will trade 2 for 1 for anything that stands in your way of hitting Loetheb’s face.

2x Elven Archer

  • A very important card that you need to look for in your opening hand. You’ll want to pop the Spore
    on turn 1, and then trade her into the Fen Creeper
    on turn 2 if you can.

2x Mana Wyrm

  • Another resilient card. With 3 health, he’ll live through several 1 damage spells or deathrattles. His passive that buffs his attack will be useful for trading with Loetheb’s Acidic Swamp Ooze
    es from attacking your more valuable Young Dragonhawk

2x Stonetusk Boar

  • Be sure to play the boar before you pop any spores. On an empty board, he’s not very intimidating, but after a spore is popped, he’s a 9/1 charge minion for 1 mana.

2x Young Dragonhawk

  • One of the worst cards in constructed, but surprisingly useful in our case here! Popping a spore means on the next turn you can do 18 damage to Loetheb’s face. He’s extremely fragile, and prone to Sporeburst
    and deathrattles, but he’s also very cheap and inexpensive to play.

2x Bluegill Warrior

  • A charger we can use to get a buff on the same turn we pop a Spore

2x Haunted Creeper

  • A pretty awesome card that’ll spawn two 1/1 tokens for us. This is exactly what we want. Try to avoid trading a buffed Haunted Creeper with 2 health, as the tokens die easily to Sporeburst

2x Murloc Tidehunter

  • 2 mana for a 2/1 and a 1/1. This will typically force a Sporeburst
    from Loetheb. Left alone, together they can do 20 damage on one turn when buffed.

2x Sorcerer's Apprentice

  • The dream is to play this along with Mirror Entity
    and possibly Arcane Missiles
    for free.

2x Stoneskin Gargoyle

  • Another sticky card. While he costs 3 mana, he’ll always regenerate his health. After being hit being buffed by a spore, he’ll have a high chance of staying alive.

2x Wolfrider

  • A charger we can use to get a buff on the same turn we pop a Spore


2x Arcane Missiles

  • One of our many ways to pop Spore
    s behind taunts. It’s free to cast if we have a Sorcerer's Apprentice
    in play.

2x Mirror Image

  • The MVP of this deck. Playing two 0/2 minions for 1 to 0 mana is insane value, especially when they become 8/2 minions after popping a Spore
    . Their primary purpose is to protect your other already buffed minions from being easily killed.

2x Arcane Explosion

  • A bit more expensive than Arcane Missiles
    , but has the potential to pop multiple spores at once.

2x Frostbolt

  • Primarily used to protect our low health minions. Can freeze Loetheb’s larger minions, giving you a window to kill him before he can kill you.

Mulligan Guide

You want to look for a single Elven Archer

, a single Sorcerer's Apprentice
, and keep any Mirror Image
s that you find. It’s okay to restart the game until you get an opening hand that will look like this. What you’ll want to do is play the Elven Archer
on turn 1, followed by the Sorcerer's Apprentice
 into two free 0/2 tokens from Mirror Entity
. If you can achieve this on turn 2, then you’re in fine shape for the rest of the game.

How to Play

The general idea is that you want to dispatch Loetheb as soon as possible. From the first turn, he puts you on a very short clock. The 3 damage hero power along with a Fen Creeper

on the board can quickly get out of hand. In your opening hand, you’ll want to have an Elven Archer
. There’s no shame in restarting the game, if you don’t have the right opening hand. Every turn is crucial.

On Turn 1

  • Your objective is to pop the Spore
    and pass on the buff to an Elven Archer
  • If not, you’ll want to play something sticky, like an Argent Squire
    that wont die on the next turn.

On Turn 2

  • By now, you should have the ability to kill the spore, with either a free Arcane Missiles
    from your Sorcerer's Apprentice
    , or it should already be dead, with its buff passed onto your Elven Archer
    . If you did, trade it for the Fen Creeper.
  • Make sure to play your Mirror Entity
    before popping any Spore
    s in the future. You’ll want to get the buff on as many minions as possible.

On Turn 3

  • Hopefully Loetheb will have played a Sporeburst
    . This will leave your Sorcerer's Apprentice
    and mirrors at 1 health.
  • Ping his Spore
    s afterwards with your hero power, or with spells like Arcane Explosion
    and Arcane Missiles
    . Use your minions to attack his face.
  • Don’t worry about the board state unless there are taunts in your way. You’ll want to avoid attacking these taunts with your minions. Instead you’ll want to try to trade with your unbuffed minions or spells like Frostbolt
    , Arcane Missiles
    , and Arcane Explosion

Subsequent Turns

  • Try to drop minions whenever you can. Remember to play them before you pop any Spore
  • You should be able to achieve something that looks like this by turn 5.

By Turn 6 or 7, he’ll be dead! Easy



It may take a couple tries to get the right opening hand for this to work, but overall once you understand the mechanics of the deck, it should be fairly easy to beat Loetheb.

As always, I’d be happy to answer any questions you guys may have about this deck, and how to beat the second wing of Naxxramas. Good luck, and happy hunting!