We had our second open tournament over the week and we have the results! This tournament was hosted for our NA readers this time (Tournament #1 was EU last week)

Click here to view tournament information and brackets (powered by Strivewire).

Top 4

First Place – jostertoaster

Midrange Hunter / Midrange Shaman / Control Warrior (+2 Execute,  +1 Shield Slam)

Second Place – RafaelSouzad

Aggro Hunter / Midrange Warlock / Control Warrior

Third Place – Dragoon101

Midrange Druid / Midrange Hunter / Midrange Warlock

Fourth Place – LiricoHS

Aggro Hunter / Handlock / Midrange Druid


Congrats to our Top 4 participants! We’ll be holding more in the future as we fine the tournament details going forward.

If you’re wondering on how to play some of the decks, check out our extensive deck guides over here!

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