Hello everyone! The Grand Tournament is out for 3 weeks already and the meta is already pretty stable. Even though there are still some shifts, it’s not as crazy as it was during the first days. So I thought that it’s the time to talk about the matchups. I’ve avoided the topic in my previous guides, since the final lists were still up in the air, so writing about something that can change in few days was pretty pointless.

But right now, I think we can finally do that. I want to present you a new series called “In-Depth Matchups”!


The series will cover the more popular matchups and analyze them from both sides. I’ll try to write about every aspect of the matchup – starting with preparation (what tech choices you can use to make this matchup easier for example), through the mulligan and basic strategy, finishing with more advanced tips.

The depth of the article will obviously depend on the matchup itself – the more it is to talk about, the longer and more precise it’s going to be. I’ll try to release new one every 2 weeks, maybe even a week, depending on the difficulty of the matchup. The harder matchups are going to get longer write-ups.

And you know what’s the best thing about it? YOU vote which matchups you want to read about.


Every week I’m gonna leave you with 5 choices of pretty popular matchups. You decide which one you want to read about next. In the meantime, I’ll try grinding those decks at the ladder and in friendly matches to improve my knowledge about the matchups to not disappoint you.

Here is the link to the poll! Those are the matchups featured first:

  • #1 Patron Warrior vs Secret Paladin
  • #2 Token Druid vs Dragon Priest
  • #3 Midrange Hunter vs Control Warrior
  • #4 Mech Mage vs Aggro Paladin
  • #5 Midrange Druid vs Handlock

I’ve tried to pick some of the more popular decks and mix them up. There are a lot of matchups to cover, so I can miss some of them. If you want to read about a certain matchup, leave a comment in the section below and say which one you’d like to see! If some are gonna be me more demanded, I’ll include them in the next poll. So ultimately, you have all the power to decide what you want to read about!


So, that’s pretty much it. I can’t wait to see which matchups wins so I can start writing! I’m gonna take 1-2 days to accumulate the votes and then get ready to work.

I encourage you all to vote on the matchups you’d like to read about most. Also, leave your suggestions and comments in the section below!

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