Hey, guys. It’s RaFive. Today we’re looking at one of the most exciting new decks to come around the pike in months — Zelae’s ESL-winning Combolock!

Post-GvG, there’s been an incredible amount of diversity in the metagame, with some classes (Mage, Paladin) making huge comebacks, others nerfed almost out of the game (Rogue), and the traditionally strongest classes (Hunter, Warlock) getting a new set of toys with which to try on new strategies. The unpredictability of the metagame means there are lots of new niches to abuse, and Zelae has found one, building on Darkwonyx’s initial Combolock list to create a new and equally deadly strain. Running much less durdle and high end, I strongly prefer Zelae’s version as much tighter and more economical, stronger in the current meta, and less awkward to play.

The name “Combolock” comes from the game-winning combo of Arcane Golem

+ Power Overwhelming
+ Faceless Manipulator
to do whopping amounts of burst damage to your opponent’s face and secure an unexpected (or expected but unblockable) win. Zelae claims a 75% winrate with the deck, and I can confirm it’s incredibly strong in this metagame. Let’s dive in!

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