Hello everyone ! I’m Spark, Top Ranks Legend player from EU, and today I’ll be diving into the Paladin class.

The strategy of the Deck revolves around establishing board control throughout the game and the addition of Muster for Battle

contributes a lot to that.

It’s a Midrange Deck, which fits perfectly my playstyle, but you can argue that it’s definitely more on the Control stance than Aggro as controlling the opponent’s board is essential to succeed with the Deck and the class has access to some awesome board clears !

Deck Breakdown

Zombie Chow

and Shielded Minibot
are awesome to get some sticky early game presence and you should always try to dig for those !

Knife Juggler

and Muster for Battle
come along to fight Aggro Decks and apply some pressure onto slower Decks, those 2 cards synergizes really well together and you shouldn’t hesitate to abuse that fact !

Aldor Peacekeeper

and Truesilver Champion
have always been awesome Paladin cards because they are very flexible and can deal with a wide variety of cards during the mid game.

Piloted Shredder

and Sludge Belcher
are following up on the curve to add some mid game stickiness to the Deck, those are just very good value minions for their cost.


is a huge addition from GvG as it allows you to make a good use of Reinforce
and obviously combining it with a Muster for Battle
play can be deadly for your opponent ! Don’t be greedy with the card though, sometimes using it for a single Silver Hand Recruit
is perfectly fine

Lay on Hands

is a perfect tech card for this Deck as its versatile enough to heal yourself against Aggro Decks and refill your hand against Control Decks !


combos are extremely powerful, learning to time those properly is essential to succeed with the Deck. As you’ll generally need to use Consecration
alone in some situation, Avenging Wrath
comes in the Deck to support those and it is really great at giving some more finishing potential to the Deck.
Also note that Knife Juggler
into Muster for Battle
can be a pretty good follow-up to Equality
if the situation calls it

Big Game Hunter

, Harrison Jones
and The Black Knight
are really good Tech cards in the current meta, especially for this Deck as you don’t want to waste the previously mentioned combos on lonely targets !

Finally, the Deck is running some late game threats to push for the win. Tirion Fordring

is a staple for Paladin as it’s just very solid, Dr. Boom
is basically too strong of a card to not play it and Bolvar Fordragon
will benefit from your load of Silver Hand Recruit
to hit the board with powerful stats.

I like the fact that you can play it as a 4/7 against Priest or a 6/7 when you didn’t baited Big Game Hunter

out from your opponent with Dr. Boom
and it is also a good silence-baiter to make a free way for Tirion Fordring

However, I would insist on the fact that it is probably the most expandable card in the Deck and I wouldn’t recommend crafting it but rather suggest taking a look at the section below to replace it, I just wanted to point out the fact that the card is kinda underrated for what it does


Cards Consideration

Either you are running on a budget or simply looking to tweak the Deck to your personal preferences and needs, here are some cards that you should consider :

Ironbeak Owl

 — I’m generally very comfortable without any silence in my Decks but if it’s not your case, you should definitely include this one
I was initially running it but I realized that I was only using it to deal with Sylvanas Windrunner
, which I am generally fine playing around.


 — I feel like the Deck is already filled with a lot of weapons so I chose to ignore it but that’s obviously a good card to consider and can help with early trading.


, Sylvanas Windrunner
and Ragnaros the Firelord
  Those are universally solid cards to play if you are lacking anything from the list !

Antique Healbot

and Guardian of Kings
— If you are facing many Aggro Decks, these cards can bring some good defensive options to the Deck but I just didn’t feel the need of it.

Mulligan Strategy

Always keep : Zombie Chow

, Shielded Minibot
, Knife Juggler
, Aldor Peacekeeper
(except against Warrior)

Against Aggro : Muster for Battle

, Consecration

Against Midrange : Muster for Battle

, Truesilver Champion

Against Control : Truesilver Champion

, Piloted Shredder

Gameplay Videos

I’ve uploaded some basic recordings of interesting games ! Besides the results, it shows some of the Deck’s interactions through funny and challenging games


The playlist contains various Match Ups and some laddering sessions with the Deck, I definitely recommend checking this out to understand how to succeed with the Deck !


The class gained a lot of consistency with the GvG release and I’m really happy to bring another Midrange Deck to the table as it fits my playstyle perfectly.

The big strength of the Deck is that it’s pretty flexible and can fight a wide variety of Decks efficiently, which is key to succeed on the ladder


Here are my winrates on Ranked during Season 10 on my way to Legend :

That’s it for the guide guys, I hope you’ll enjoy the Deck as much as I do !
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