Greetings traveler, Hunter is one of the strongest and most consistent deck in the meta right now and I hit legend this season with a Midrange Hunter Deck without traps, I played the deck from rank 5 to legend and I faced a lot of other hunters, some ran traps most didn’t, the fact that this Matchup is a 50/50 is true but you can get the odds in your favor by making some important plays, So here is a cheat sheet that can help you win the mirror match.

You may have seen a Reddit post similar to this (also written by me), but this is a more in-depth and extended version specifically for hearthstone Players Premium members! Let’s get started!

Before trying to hit legend with a deck you need to learn the deck, and you should:

  • Know every card in your deck
  • Know all the combos in your deck
  • Know the synergy between cards – eg. Leeroy Jenkins
     does 7 damage if there is a Leokk
     on the field, as Leokk
    grants him +1 attack.

Deck Stats on ladder ranks 5-1

  • Handlock 3-0
  • Midrange Hunter 15-2
  • Zoo 3-2
  • Priest 4-1
  • Ramp Druid 3-0
  • Token Druid 2-0



  • Handlock
  • Midrange hunter with traps
  • Shaman
  • Control Warrior
  • Tempo Rogue
  • Druid
  • Control Paladin
  • Secrets Mage


  • Zoo
  • Mirror


  • Miracle rogue to some extent
  • Backspace/Aggro Rogue
  • Aggro Warlock