It’s finally here! The hearthstone Beta (for NA region) has finally arrived!

Welcome to all new players and familiar faces! Be sure to bookmark and tell your friends about hearthstone Players! Here are some suggested section of the website to visit for those new to the game!

  • New Player? Check out the resources here!
  • Dipping your toes into the Arena? Study up first!
  • Playing Contructed? Be sure read up the guides we have and the popular/Legend decklists!

[quote]The hearthstone Open Beta is now live! You can now download hearthstone here and start playing today!

The hearthstone Closed Beta Discussion forums will be locked starting on Wednesday, January 22nd, but will be available to view and reference for a couple of weeks. New threads revolving around the hearthstone Open Beta will have a home in the new Open Beta Discussion Forum here.[/quote]