As part of the initiative of having a consistent schedule of content here on hearthstone Players, we have decided to start a series based on what’s been happening in hearthstone and on the hearthstone Players website.

We noticed there are quite a large amount of readers who frequent our site every days, but because we push pretty much daily content, a lot of stuff gets pushed down relatively quick. To help alleviate this issue, we decided to start this series that sums up what has happened on HSP in the past week, as well as the general hearthstone scene.

If there are certain topics/categories of news you’d like to see covered/included in this series, please do leave a comment to let us know about it. Without further ado, let’s get started!

Note: View last week’s roundup here.

General Hearthstone

  • If you like data stuff, Superdataresearch released their latest findings on hearthstone and noticed that the mobile revenue has surpassed the PC platform.
  • More teasers for the July 22nd announcement here and here. The announcement starts at 2:30 PM PST/PDT (5:30 PM EST for those on the East Coast).
  • There’s now a Protoss card back available for those that pre-order Starcraft 2: Legacy of the Void.
  • Guide to getting up to 40% off hearthstone Packs! If you play hearthstone on PC or Android, there is zero reason to buy packs any other way.

Samsung S6 Card Pack + 3 Free Packs

Blizzard is gifting those that play hearthstone on the new Samsung Galaxy S6 with a card and 3 Classic packs (source). hearthstone community wasted no time in coming up with ways to get the sweet loot without dropping a few hundred dollars on a new phone:

  • n4ru’s guide to getting the packs using Genymotion (Discussion)
  • Ryan Rempel’s video guide
  • Hearthpwn’s video tutorial and post
  • Using Andy the Android Emulator guide by CokaYoda
  • Drop by a phone store, ask to try the new phone, install hearthstone (and say you want to make sure it plays on it), log in, collect look, profit!

Hearthstone Meta

  • Liquidhearth’s Power Ranks for July Week 2.
  • HSP rank the Meta decks a bit different – instead of giving each deck a hard rank, we separate it into 3 categories – making it much easier to view the meta at a glance. Check it out!
  • Tempostorm’s Meta Snapshot #21.
  • HSP’s Meta Check #2  – a new series on HSP where the entire Team HSP share what they’ve been playing, the meta they faced and their recommendations and thoughts so far of the season.

July Season

  • LiquidHearth’s Demon/Midrange Warlock guide. (You can also check out HSP’s beginner guide to Midrange Warlock)
  • If you’re a Patron player, check out this post highlighting some of Kolento’s plays – would you have done the same/different?
  • Reinhardt’s graphic Midrange Hunter guide
  • Top 10 Legend Combo Druid
  • EU #1 Legend Demon Zoo
  • Rank #1 Legend Shaman!
  • Experimental Chinese Dragon Mage
  • Trump has been releasing some great video guides on some of the popular decks:
    • Zoo Warlock (related: HSP’s Midrange Warlock guide)
    • Midrange Druid (related: HSP’s Midrange Druid guide)
    • Tempo Mage (related: HSP’s Tempo Mage guide)
    • Mech Shaman

Hearthstone Players

  • Cold Hard Data: Patron Warrior Edition (Teaser)
  • Guide to getting up to 40% off hearthstone Packs!
  • Mastering the Midrange Druid
  • Test your knowledge with this hearthstone Quiz!
  • Weekly Legends – Control Warlock!


Hope you guys enjoyed this week’s roundup! Feel free to leave critiques/suggestions/comments below or ping me at

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