Hello everyone, Sempok here again bringing you another deck guide in the first week of Karazhan. I was rank 5 when Karazhan hit and I reached legend with a deck that I made and decided to write a guide about it. I think that this deck is absurdly strong and can beat even the strongest of decks if played correctly.


The idea behind the deck is to play the game as a regular Hybrid Hunter – Curving out really fast early in the early game while playing mostly for tempo rather than value. This is where the newly released Cloaked Huntress

comes in. This card is a pure tempo-oriented card if I have ever seen one. It utilizes the ability to dump a huge chunk of your hand in one turn with no regard for card advantage or value. You try to use the sheer immediate board advantage that you attain from using this card in conjunction with cards like Bear Trap
, Freezing Trap
, or Snake Trap
to end the game quickly in a typical Hunter fashion.

The Deck: Card Choices

I will here be talking mainly about the curious choices that I made for this build and not focus on the very obvious cards such as Animal Companion

, Savannah Highmane
, and Quick Shot

Abusive Sergeant

: The no.1 staple in all aggro decks, Abusive Sergeant makes an appearance here as well. The card has loads of synergies packed into this deck and even without those is just a really solid card in and of itself for early-game board control.

Argent Squire

: Originally, this slot was filled in by Leper Gnome
but since our favorite icky creature is no more quite as icky, we use Argent Squire which is sticky instead. (Sorry, I’m horrible at puns.)


: The arguably 2nd MVP of this deck, Secretkeeper is absolutely phenomenal in this deck. The amount of synergies that it possesses with this deck is insane and helps put an insane amount of early game pressure on the board and simply dominates.


: While lots of players dislike Tracking, I’m a huge fan of it. Tracking is often the difference between a win or a loss. It helps thin out the deck in the late game and gets rid of bad topdecks such as 1-drops and helps you reach your big threats like Call of the Wild and Highmane faster. I find that Tracking deserves at least 1 slot in all kinds of faster Hunter builds and this deck is no exception.

Knife Juggler

: I chose Knife Juggler over other 2 drops such as Huge Toad
and King's Elekk
for two primary reasons. The beast tag on Huge Toad and Elekk is irrelevant as this deck features neither Kill Command
, nor Houndmaster
. This is because it relies heavily on early game control and neither of those two cards are optimal for that. Secondly, Juggler puts in far more work than those two cards due to the amount of minions that we summon throughout the course of the game. It synergises well with Snake Trap
, Bear Trap
and Unleash the Hounds
and that makes it my top choice for the 2-drop slot.

Cloaked Huntress

: The card that the whole deck revolves around. The amount of extreme Tempo that this card provides can be filthy. It sacrifices card advantage to put you in an enormous early game lead, something that Hunter as a class capitalizes on really well. This card is easily one of the strongest cards released in ONiK and rightfully so.

Eaglehorn Bow

: While not really a surprise, I want to talk about how strong this card is in this deck. Lately, Eaglehorn Bow has been seeing play simply as a 3-mana Fiery War Axe
, which is a true testament to how good Fiery War Axe really is. Because of this, people have forgotten the true potential of the card. A single bow in this deck has the potential of having up to 10 charges! That is absurd. While it doesn’t perform that well, it still very often has 4-5 charges and that is game-winning by itself.


Secret Hybrid Hunter is without a sliver of doubt a really strong deck. How it holds up once the meta has settled will be curious to see, but for now, it is one of the strongest decks to ladder with and I definitely recommend that you give it a shot.

Thank you for reading this article. If you have anything to ask regarding the deck, please feel free to comment below. GLHF. Cheers!