by Sergey_3847

Every hearthstone expansion has objectively good cards, and subjectively bad ones. Why is that so? Because some players like to play gimmicky cards that have some unusual effects just for fun. But if you worry about your performance on ladder, and wish to avoid cards that will not provide a serious competition to the rest of the set, then consider these 13 cards from Journey to Un’Goro as objectively bad.

Most important thing to know is the difference of what makes a card good or bad. If you’re a seasoned player, then this selection will include obvious choices, but if you’re just starting out in hearthstone, then carefully read what makes specifically these cards the worst in the set.

Of course, it doesn’t touch the aspect of Arena, because that is a dimension of its own, and cards that are bad on ladder can be more than effective on Arena. But you shouldn’t worry about that, and just consider the competitive side of the game for now.