Well hello good sirs! Today, I am going to take a look at Trump’s Tree of Life Druid, and with it, the importance of metagaming at high levels of play.

Back at the beginning of this season, there was a HUGE influx of control players. Druid, Warrior, and Paladin were everywhere, along with some Priest and Handlock as well. This was especially true at the top of the ladder, which at this point consisted of many professionals and former legends, who were all fighting not just to hit legend, but to make it to the top areas of the ladder. There were even a good number of fatigue decks running around, which are a huge threat to traditional control decks. Because of this, your standard control deck was not enough to beat the other decks running around.

Successful players had to do something to counter the metagame they were seeing: enter Trump’s deck. It is a control deck designed to beat other control decks. Today, I am not going to give a long analysis of how to play and mulligan for a Druid deck, I leave that to others, but instead, I’m going to look at how this deck worked against the early-season control meta.

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