Hello there! Welcome to my Wailing Soul Druid Guide.  This is the only deck I have played in Ranked this Season (January), and at my peak I reached Rank two with three stars. I even hit this peak with a reasonable win-rate (more on win-rates this later), which is good evidence to suggest that this deck is legend viable, despite its looks.

With that said, I DO NOT consider this deck a good meta choice right now. The problem this deck suffers from is the prevalence of Big Game Hunter

in the current meta. BGH is the perfect awnser to Fel Reaver
; not only does BGH easily deal with the 8/8 body the fact that the card is a mere three mana typically means that you can often find yourself milled for six-to-nine (sometimes more!) cards in the process. When this happens, it is often back-breaking (at the end of the article I have a short little rant about BGH and why I think a ‘nerf’ is needed).

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