Now that it’s a new year (and Blizzcon is coming once again) I made up my mind to make a serious push for the World Championship. In February, I made my first move towards that by hitting legend faster than I ever have before (less than two weeks into the season). How did I do it? By using a card that has largely flown under the radar: Recombobulator

. This idea was not my own, but I think I’ve refined it into a fast and powerful deck. Recombobulator is a card that got a little buzz when GVG first got released, but quickly fell out of favor once decks like Mech Mage came roaring into the meta. However, this deck uses the innocuous 3/2 to the best of its potential by solidifying an already strong midrange shell and throwing in some rng spice.

At its base, this list is like any other midrange Druid list. It uses big minions and some timely removal to take control of the board and never give it back. As with any good Druid list, you run the combo as a finisher, which gets even better with all of the charge minions that you run. These minions are the crux of the deck, and using them to form a good curve is how you win. While Recombobulator is not the card the deck is built around, it is an extremely strong tool that pushes midrange Druid from good, to great.

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