About the Series

Weekly Legends is a series where Joseph not only write about a Legend deck in the current meta, but also records and play a few games with it. It’s a video series where you can see a Legend deck in action, listen to the commentary and thought process of how to pilot the Legend deck.

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  • Weekly Legends #13: Aggro Paladin
  • Weekly Legends #12: Dragon Warlock
  • Weekly Legends #11: Midrange Beast Hunter
  • Weekly Legends #10: Watcher Paladin
  • Weekly Legends #9: Mech Tempo Mage
  • Weekly Legends #8: Shaman Returns
  • Weekly Legends #7: Bane Warlock
  • Weekly Legends #6: Grim Patron Warrior
  • Weekly Legends #5: Teacherless Token Druid
  • Weekly Legends #4: Hobgoblin Zoo
  • Weekly Legends #3: Old School Shaman
  • Weekly Legends #2: Recombobulator Druid
  • Weekly Legends #1: Midrange Demon Warlock
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