by Craig Snyder

Who else is exhausted from queuing into hearthstone Pirate Warriors on ladder and getting smacked in the face for 12 damage on turn 4? I don't know if Journey to Un'Goro will add up to be the aggro-tamer that the majority of us probably hope it'll be, but I can say that there have been some pretty interested cards revealed so far. Hey, there's even a tech card that destroys a Pirate. It's not that bad, either.

Not only does Journey to Un'Goro tease us all with the prospect of control decks finally rising up and forcing aggro into the backseat again, it marks a completely new hearthstone year and set rotation. With the new cards coming in, old ones will be leaving. It's been nice knowing Azure Drake, but it's time for that big guy to take a hike. Let's get some freshness in this meta!

Here are the 10 best cards that have been revealed so far for hearthstone's upcoming expansion, Journey to Un'Goro.