Hey guys, Jimmy here again with a high win rate Heroic budget deck. (See the previous Heroic Anub and Heroic Maexxna Guides) Heroic Loatheb is such a fun fight that I went ahead and played 10 rounds against him and won all ten! Hence the 100% win rate in the title.

Why do it on a budget?

Plenty of reasons:

  • It’s a good way to practice your deck building skills – know which cards to put in to counter and deal with certain situations.
  • It’s more accessible for more players. Budget decks should not include any Epic or Legendary quality cards.
  • It’s challenging and fun!

General Strategy

Due to the nature of Loatheb’s ability, the Necrotic Aura, we are on a timer. So we either have to burst him down or use heals to extend the fight. Naturally, everyone’s favourite bursting card is Unleash the Hounds

but after testing a lot, I wasn’t able to create consistent results. Hence, we opted for the second option of going the healing route.


will be the way to beat this fight. The general idea is to kill these while we have minions up and punch Loatheb’s face with huge amounts of damage!

Let’s get started!