by Sergey_3847

All the fans of Goblins vs. Gnomes set can cheer up, as the new hearthstone expansion returns to the theme of Mechs and is titled "The Boomsday Project." It includes 135 new cards and is set for a release date of August 7.

A couple of new mechanics have been introduced as well, such as Magnetic, which allows certain Mechs to merge, and Omega, which triggers extra powerful effects when players reach ten mana crystals.

This opens up a lot of new opportunities for deck-building, and if you're a Standard laddering enthusiast, then you need to be sure which cards will be the best in this meta.

Follow our guide for 11 of the best standard cards from The Boomsday Project, including:

  • 2 common cards
  • 4 epic cards
  • 5 legendary cards