Hey again everyone. I’m back again with a deck that I’ve had incredible success with since its creation. This Priest deck is designed to abuse the deathrattle mechanic in a way that feels almost broken.

All of the games that I tested this deck in were above rank 5 on the ladder. If you are below rank 5, chances are you will see a much greater variety of decks that this deathrattle priest is not tuned to deal with, but overall I would be surprised if you didn’t average a >50% win rate. In the games I played, I averaged an astounding 88% win rate according to my hearthstone tracker app, which is why I am so excited to bring you this deck.

Before I jump into the guide itself, I would just like to say thanks to all of you reading this. I started making competitive hearthstone guides back in April and have had nothing but support and kind words from all of the readers I have interacted with. It is a pleasure to do this for all of you, so thank you.