Good day everyone,

I’m here today with my first ever hearthstone guide. I started playing hearthstone back in September when one of my friends introduced me to the game. I was previously completely devoted to playing League of Legends and ranking up there but I often found myself frustrated with the game and just needed something to play whenever the trolls started setting up shop. At least, that’s what I thought! Before I knew it I was in love with hearthstone, more so with the mage class than any other.

It was love at first draw! The first time my opponent ‘rekt’ me with a Pyroblast

 I was memorized, I said to myself, “I needed to do that!” And so I did. I picked up the mage class and have specialized in all variations of the mage class from then till now. Each season since then I have managed to grind my way up to rank 2-3 in a very short period of time. I have never attained legend rank but I do not think I play enough to deserve it but I will be sure to try in the coming season.

Anyway! Today, this guide will be based on one of the three decks I had used to climb the ladder last season (season 9) post the GvG update.

Let me Begin by stating that GvG was a complete mess the first few days and it was and is still hard to ascertain a good roster of possible opponent deck types you may face but I will try to cover the most common ones.

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