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After the Loot Hoarder’s adventures, we will be looking at a highly-valued card; the Stampeding Kodo!

This Kodo is so big that he can stampede by himself.


Kodos are giant horned reptiles that roam Kalimdor. They’re often domesticated and ridden by Tauren because of their large population in the Tauren homeland of Mulgore. Some Kodos are believed to be blessed by the spirits, and often have elemental abilities attached to them; these special Kodos become known as Thunder Lizards or Salamanders.

For better or for worse, these flame/thunder breathing beasts have yet to be featured in the Hearthstone card game.

Interestingly enough, the card art for Stampeding Kodo… doesn’t actually feature a Kodo! It is actually a Clefthoof.

Clefthoofs are native to Draenor, which means they aren’t even from the same dimension as Kodos! It is also impossible for them to be related. When the Horde first invaded Azeroth through the dark portal, they landed on the Eastern Kingdoms of Azeroth, whereas Kodos are native to Kalimdor, which is the Western continent.


  • Type: Minion
  • Race: Beast
  • Rarity: Rare
  • Cost: 5
  • Stats: 3/5
  • Ability: Battlecry: Destroy a random enemy minion with 2 or less attack.
  • Class: Any

Stampeding Kodo Long 2


Stampeding Kodo has always been a card of value in arena. Arguably one of the best arena picks, he has a very good chance of trading 2-for-1. However, until lately, he has been neglected in constructed as he faces steep competition in the 5 mana slot in the form of the Azure Drake.

However, the card has seen a resurgence in constructed play. This is especially true with the rise of the Chinese scene.

Chinese players seem to respect the card a lot more than players on the Western servers, with many tournament decks running a single copy of Stampeding Kodo as a tech card. It is not a surprise, as many commonly played minions such as Amani Berserker, Keeper of the Grove, Harvest Golem, Sunfury Protector and Defender of Argus sport a measly 2 attack, making them easy value for the Stampeding Kodo.

It is very rare that any deck will have no targets as even Control decks often run a few Taunt enablers. Lower curved decks such as Zoolock will obviously have far more targets for the Stampeding Kodo.

Putting aside the awesome Battlecry for a moment, let us try to evaluate the Stampeding Kodo‘s vanilla stat value. At 3/5, the Stampeding Kodo‘s 8 stat points are worth about 3.5~4 mana in terms of stats. This prices his Battlecry at about 1~1.5 mana, which is ABSURDLY POWERFUL.

If we take into account that most minions with 2 attack have 3 health, you end up paying 1~1.5 mana for the equivalent of a 3 damage removal spell. For reference, a 3 damage removal spell is often costed at 2 mana (Wrath, Frostbolt, Lightning Bolt). If we count in the fact that the Stampeding Kodo is a 2-in-1 (thus saving you a card draw/play), his effective value when his Battlecry is played only skyrockets even further.

Sniping anything above 3 health (Keeper of the Grove, Gurubashi Berserker) is a dream Stampeding Kodo play; it will probably win you the game from tempo alone from that move. Even if you snipe a 1 health creature, the Stampeding Kodo‘s value isn’t exactly terrible. As 1 damage worth of removal can be priced at roughly 1 mana, Stampeding Kodo would be worth about 4.5~5 mana for a snipe on a 1 health creature. Not too shabby at all. At its worst, Stampeding Kodo is 3/5 for 5. While not ideal, it is still a decent body.

Outside of the Chinese Scene, Stampeding Kodo is mostly seen on the now ubiquitous Mid-Range Hunter. On top of his absurd base value, he is also a Beast, which lets him synergize with many of the Hunter class cards.

Stampeding Kodo Long 3


  • Hunters
  • Fills up the awkward 5 mana slot for non-spell power decks
  • A useful tech card which can help even out the mana curve of a deck

 Good Against/With

  • Most decks. Even Ramp Druid runs Keeper of the Grove!
  • Particularly crushing against Zoo and Shaman. Flametongue Totem has an interesting interaction here. As it often buffs the Shaman’s minions past the 2 attack mark, you will have a clear shot at Flametongue. Mana Tide Totem is also a great target.
  • Players with good luck! He’s ultimately still somewhat dependent on RNG.

Bad Against/With

  • Miracle Rogue and Burst Mage don’t run too many minions that you can target. Burst Mage only has Mana Wyrms which usually pass by the 2 attack mark in a jiffy.
  • Has steep competition in the 5 mana slot. Azure Drakes, Druid of the Claws and Gadgetztan Auctioneers are usually the favoured minions in that area.
  • While the Stampeding Kodo‘s battlecry can be controlled, it’s still random. Bad RNG could make him less valuable.

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