Hi, my name is Mats and I’ve reached Legend this season playing Handlock (also called Warlock Giants) almost exclusively. Not only is Handlock a strong contender in the current meta, but Handlock decks have a fun and unique play style, and have a lot of room for personal preference in card choices.

In this guide, I want to explain the general strategy behind Handlock, and therefore the type of cards needed for a good Handlock deck. Instead of prescribing a single list, I’ll name the cards which are seen in modern Handlock decks, discussing their strengths, weaknesses, and general popularity.

Lastly, we’ll look at several Handlock lists used in the recent Dreamhack Summer tournament, and try to see how a Handlock deck could look like, and how it’s construction might affect play style and match ups. I hope to provide a good understanding of how to think about the cards you might choose to run in your own Handlock deck, and which decks might be a good starting point.

This is Part I of this Extensive Series. Part II will be Match Analysis.