Update December 1st:

Right now there is a promotion of getting $50 worth of Amazon Coins for just $25. That’s 50% off!

That means for $25, you can buy Forty hearthstone Packs in Amazon Coins! This offer applies to those who has never purchased Amazon Coins before! So this is the perfect time to get Amazon Coins!

German Amazon users have two promo codes going on (with 1 on December 1st):

  1. Save $18.50 when buying 2.500 Amazon Coins
  2. Save $18.50 when buying 2.500 Amazon Coins

For existing customers, Amazon is currently offering up to 25% off on Amazon Coins!

The Promo

There’s a well known ‘secret’ of getting bonus card packs when you purchase hearthstone card packs through the Amazon Store. The promotion comes and go so be sure to check often!

The Deal

First thing you gotta check is if your Amazon store carries Amazon Coins. Here are the most popular ones by country:

  • United States (US) Amazon
  • United Kingdom (UK) Amazon
  • Germany (DE) Amazon
  • Spain (ES) Amazon
  • France (FR) Amazon
  • Italy (IT) Amazon
  • Japan (JP) Amazon

So how does the deal work?

  • Amazon Coins have a value ratio of 100 coins = $1. Different regions will have different rate.
  • When you buy Amazon Coins, the discount you get is dependent on the quantity of the coins you buy in one go. The bigger the bulk (more coins), the cheaper it is (less cost)!
  • Sometimes there’s an additional bonus of Coin Back. You get coins back as soon as you spend it. The amount of coins you get back can be different depending on the promos Amazon is running. Sometimes you can get 20% back for a total saving of 40% (combine it with the 20% discount off coins)! A coin back deal where you gets a percentage of coins returned after spending them. More savings!
  • You use the Amazon Coins to purchase hearthstone Card Packs and hearthstone Adventures!
  • Be sure to check if you can use the Amazon Coins for hearthstone for your Amazon Region first! It’s confirmed for US, UK and Germany.

So the above promo link page is what’s on at the moment. The deals can change through the year, which has happened before, so be sure to bookmark it.


Where is deal available in?

The hearthstone Amazon deal is dependent on your region and store. Check it out here:

  • United States (US) Amazon
  • United Kingdom (UK) Amazon
  • Germany (DE) Amazon
  • Spain (ES) Amazon
  • France (FR) Amazon
  • Italy (IT) Amazon
  • Japan (JP) Amazon

You can select various amounts like 500 coins vs 5,000 coins to see if there’s a discount on bulk purchases. You can also bypass any region restrictions follow this guide on Reddit.

Which device is this promotion available on?

It’s available for Android devices. You can use an emulator (video) to do it on a PC. Currently no known work around for iOS/Mac/iPad.

I already have a full collection. Is this promotion useful for me?

Yes! Buy up the coins, especially with the Amazon Prime deal and save it up for future expansions, adventures and card packs! It’s too awesome of a deal to pass up!

How do I use the Amazon Coins on the hearthstone Client/Store?

You must install hearthstone from the Amazon Appstore for Android (or use an emulator if you’re on a PC). Once you have the hearthstone installed, you can go in and purchase items using Amazon Coins.


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  • Check out the discussions of Amazon Coins here and here.
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Have questions or tips? Leave them in the comments below! Get your Amazon Coins Discount Now!

Happy Savings!