Blizzard announced today that Goblins vs. Gnomes, the second expansion to their popular free-to-play strategy game hearthstone, would be released on December 8th.

Goblins vs. Gnomes adds a staggering 120 new cards to hearthstone's current set of 412. As with normal _hearthstone cards, GvG cards will be received from a new pack available on the in-game store, which may be bought with in-game gold, won in the Arena mode, or purchased with cash. Earlier today, details of all 120 cards were posted to the hearthstone Facebook page.

GvG also adds a much-requested Spectator mode. If someone on your friends list is playing _hearthstone and has Spectator mode enabled, you can jump in with a click to provide advice...or perhaps some teasing after they die to that Rogue yet again! Come back later for more - I'll be constructing some decks with the new cards that'll let you crush your foes in all-new ways. (Hint: Remember Shaman Murloc decks? They're ba-ack!)

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