My Greetings! Newton back here today to review and discuss an awesome Hobgoblin Token Druid brew that reached top 50 on EU ladder in December 2014. After hitting top 40 legendary rank last season with my signature GvG Divine Wisdom deck, I wanted to focus my efforts on brewing another cool new deck. For me, the logical choice was constructing a deck revolving around the unique ability of Hobgoblin

as I had just opened my second copy of the card! Woot woot!

As a Tinkertown Technician

, I really enjoy the exercise of trying to create brand new decks from un-played and/or underplayed cards. However, a quick Google search told me that TwoBiers on had already beaten me to the punch! Because I felt his Hobgoblin Token deck had a lot of potential and seemed very fun to play, I piloted it myself (with a few small modifications) to rank 3 this January 2015 season before completing the climb to legendary rank with my [unchanged] Divine Wisdom deck.

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