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Hearthstone Standoff will start its second season this coming Wednesday and Thursday at 8:00 P.M. (GMT+8), with Singaporean teams ManaSurge and Spectral facing off in an exhibition match.

The brainchild of Epic Gaming Television, Hearthstone Standoff is a series of exhibition matches between Southeast Asian Hearthstone teams.

The two teams will send out four members each in a shared-class elimination battle. Each member plays until they have lost two matches, at which point the next member joins the fray. The team that eliminates all members of the opposing team first wins.

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After their triumph over the Rachel Kirie Fanboys, ManaSurge intends to continue their win streak, but ex-ManaSurge players Alvin “Unistar” Yap and Samuel “Kero” Soh are aiming to spoil the party.

In a recent interview with Lawrence “Larc” Silva on Epic Gaming Television, Kero threw down the gauntlet by claiming that Spectral is the best, so the games should be something of a grudge match.

Will Kero prove ManaSurge wrong, or will ManaSurge make him eat his words? The winner of this battle will take the bragging rights!

If you’re interested, you can check out the live stream here come match time.

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