Here in the Northern Hemisphere, we’re in the darker half of the year. The harvest has come. The shadows lengthen. The cold begins to nip at our ears and fingertips. In ancient England, at this time of year the dead had just come to visit the living during the Druidic feast of Samhain. In keeping with the theme of druidic celebrations for the dearly departed, this week we’ll look at an aggressive Druid deck running Undertaker




together with the common availability of cheap Deathrattle minions means any class can now have an early, aggressive, tempo-based board presence with significant snowball potential. Druid is an ideal vehicle for supporting this archetype, since Druid has flexible midrange removal, excellent silences via Keeper of the Grove
, and huge burst potential for a minion-heavy game via Savage Roar
. Running faster than the classic “fast Druid,” heavier, slower cards like Ancient of Lore
and Spectral Knight
are unnecessary, traded in here for a stronger early game. If you like fast games, unusual archetypes, tempo plays, and huge finishing bursts, this is the deck for you. It’s also significantly less expensive than heavier Druid decks, while running many of the same cards, so this is also a great potential pick for newer Druid players who want experience playing the class competitively but don’t have all the cards yet.

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