Hi guys,
So I’m doomdg#1214 on the US servers and I’ve played hearthstone through the closed beta since June. Today I’ve reached my goal of hitting Legend rank in Ranked Play, and I thought I’d share the decks I used to get there.

First is the shaman anti-aggro deck that I used to get break through the sea of warlocks from Rank 3 to Rank 1

And the Druid control that I used to reach Legendary

I just wanna add a general pointer here. The hearthstone metagame changes fast, like twice a day if not more. Playing a control deck requires knowing what the other players around you are playing, this is really easy in higher rankings because we get matched with each other all the time, lets say I meet this Druid twice in a row, I’d just swap in a clone and an overspark to get my odds slightly better. If you are still climbing the ladder at 10-20 where the field is really random, it may be better to just play a good aggro deck.

I made it Legend 12! So I was swarmed by another sea of warlocks today, and swapped back to Shammy. The matchup against druids and paladin controls are bad and lost to them both, but the 6-0 against warlocks was good enough to push me ahead. The 2nd picture is a good example of how you usually kill a warlock, he would use lifetap so much that 1 aggressive turn + burn spells will finish him off, rangnaros actually was in play for 3 turns, but because I had so many totems, it just didn’t really do anything. The 3rd picture is your ideal anti-warlock hand, keep it, kill everything you see, win..

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