Update August 5: Brave Archer


Update August 4: Druid of the Saber

, Crowd Favorite
and Bash

Update August 3: Master of Ceremonies


Update August 2: Darnassus Aspirant

, Wrathguard
and Shado-Pan Cavalry
added! (Name confirmed!)

Update August 1: Flame Lance


Update July 31: Demonfuse

and Argent Horserider

Update July 30: Argent Watchman

and Spellslinger

Update July 29: 3 New cards! Fjola Lightbane

, Eydis Darkbane
 and Silent Knight

Here is the list of all The Grand Tournament cards revealed so far. If the card is in different language than English, we’ll try to supply you with translation as soon as we can!


  • Released this month (August 2015) – no exact date given yet.
  • 132 new cards.
  • Card Pack expansion like Goblin versus Gnomes.
  • Players can pre-purchase 50 Packs at discounted rate (49.99$, 44.99€, 34.99£) with an unique Card Back as a reward.
  • New keyword / mechanic – Inspire. Activates whenever you use Hero Power.
  • The general theme of expansion is Hero Power – a lot of new cards interact with them.
  • New game board.

New Mechanic – Inspire

Blizzard introduced a new keyword (like Battlecry or Deathrattle) for the first time ever. It’s called Inspire and it activates whenever you use your Hero Power.

The first example Blizzard has given is Lowly Squire

– a 1/2 minion for 1 mana with Inspire: Gain +1 Attack. It means that whenever you use Hero Power, the Lowly Squire gets one point of attack. The effect is permanent and can stack.

Credit to this Reddit post for the nice table of cards in text format. We decided to make a visual version of it, hope you enjoy it!

Neutral Legendaries

Neutral Epics

Neutral Rares

Neutral Commons










Upgraded Hero Powers

Justicar Trueheart

can upgrade your Hero Powers!

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