Perhaps a bit more playful than its previous incarnation, the Grand Tournament is still a place where would-be champions will compete to prove their honor, their worth…

And their sense of humor.

Scheduled for release in August 2015, The Grand Tournament is a full expansion for hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft. Bringing 132 brand-new cards to the table, The Grand Tournament is the largest expansion for Blizzard’s card game to date. In addition tons of new minions and all-new class spells, the Tourney will also introduce a new mechanic to the game Inspire, where some cards will now be able to modify hero powers. 

What’s a new mechanic without a new keyword to help better identify and refine it? In addition to the new hero power modification mechanic, Blizzard is adding the keyword Inspire. Inspire indicates that whenever the player uses their Hero Power, the Inspire power of any minion in play will activate. For instance, the Lowly Squire, a 1 cost, 1/2 minion, gains +1 attack anytime the player uses their hero power. 

Blizzard has already introduced several of the new cards: for instance, a new hunter spell, Lock and Load, four cost card that causes any spell you cast during the turn to place a random hunter card in your hand. Looks like Face Hunter might be getting a new meta.

In addition to class cards, there will also be new minions ranging from common cards to brand-new legendaries, like Nexus-Champion Saraad, a five-cost, 4/5 Ethereal riding an energy camel who adds a random spell from any class to your hand when you use your hero power.


New cards, a new board, new mechanics and a new keyword, The Grand Tournament offers it all. While the expansion is not available until August, the new card packs will be available for pre-order next week. Players will be able to order the packs in bulk at a discounted price - earning a new card back for doing so - with those packs to be opened as soon as the expansion goes live.

It looks like The Grand Tournament will bring some much-needed vitality to the current meta. With a new mechanic and new class spells and new minions, it is very likely we’ll see crazy new types of decks making their way up the ladder.

What classes do you hope might see some revitalization from this expansion? Any old deck types you hope might make a comeback?

I think it would be awfully nice to play a priest again...

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