No Borders Long

Think you’re a good Hearthstone player?

Committed to learning and playing the game at the highest level?

Interested in taking on the world?

No Borders is looking for 2 more skilled players to join our team!

No Borders (Facebook Page) is a regional team; we believe that the SEA region is too small for a truly strong team to rise up if each of us stays within the confines of our own country. If Europe can get members from all over the continent to join arms to form truly formidable teams, why cannot we?

We picked the team name specifically because we wish to break down the barriers between the SEA community to play on the world level, as well as to attempt to show the world what the collective SEA scene is capable of.

Without further ado, let me introduce our current roster!

xNVx (Clarence Lim)

Facebook Page: Click >> here! <<

Hey guys! I am the Team Captain of No Borders, and a 2 time Legend Ranked player (since Test Season 4).

I started playing Hearthstone about 2 weeks before Open Beta started, so I am relatively new to the scene. I do not have big tournament records, though I have won a small Hearthstone Alley Brawl, and have been performing well in the recent Hearthstone Alley Battlestone Swiss Tournaments (losing only to Staz). I have also played briefly with some of Spectral’s members in an offline Team Tournament where we took 3rd place.

I have played Defence of the Ancients (DotA) and League of Legends (LoL) competitively in the past. I was a Diamond player in Season 3 of LoL but I have since quit the game for Hearthstone.

Outside of gaming, I am an aspiring musician. (I am waiting on my university acceptance letter so I can formally transit to ‘music student’).

Favourite Hearthstone Hero: Druid!

Staz (Euneil Javiñas)

Facebook Page: Click >> here! <<

Staz was a relatively unknown name but burst onto the scene with back-to-back wins in Hearthstone Alley’s Battlestone. He came in 2nd in the recent Imperium Hearthstone Challenge,  narrowly losing to Tsukkomi. He has been Legend Rank since Test Season 3, and peaked as high as rank 14 in Season 1!

He is an avid gamer, and also plays Starcraft 2. He enjoys watching anime; his Battletag, Staz comes from a character from the series “Blood Lad”. Outside of the gaming world, he holds a degree in engineering.

Before any tournament, he likes to eat sweets; especially chocolates! He finds that it improves his brain function by a lot. (L, anyone?) Opponents trying to snipe him at offline events might want to buy out all the candy at nearby stalls before a tournament!

Favourite Hearthstone Hero: Druid and Rogue!

Qualities We Are Looking For

  • Legend Rank
  • Strong player
  • Committed to joining Tournaments regularly
  • Positive attitude
  • Live in Southeast Asia

If you are interested and fit the following requirements, leave a comment or send us an email at!


No wall too tall, We will not fall. No foe we know, Can put us below. No Borders can contain us.

Stay tuned to Hearthstone Alley, or check out our Facebook and Twitter for more quality Hearthstone and community news!

- xNVx

xNVx is a legend player in Hearthstone, and always think of ways to keep the game fresh by breaking the meta.

Image Credits:

  • Jeremy Cheong